Spreader Sticker 1 Pt Concentrate

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Stop Being Wasteful with your Sprays just running off plant leaves. Use this product with your other liquid sprays so they adhere better to the foliage!!

This spreader/sticker makes sprays more effective by causing the spray to spread over the plant’s surface area and stick to it.

For use with insecticides, herbicides and fungicides.


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The Monterey Natures Own Spray Helper is an adjuvant that helps in making sprays more effective. It causes the spray to spread and stick to the plants surface area, making any solution more effective than having to use it alone. It is best used with herbicides, insecticides, weed killers and even fungicides. The spray can be applied on lawns, fruit and nut trees, ornamentals and vegetable crops whenever needed. Natures Own Spray Helper is made to be resistant to rainfall or irrigation wash off which results to longer effectivity of sprays that are applied on plant and leaf surfaces.