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UPDATE: WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PULL ORDERS (any longer). NO FRI ORDERS on the 8th We will be ceasing to pull orders during height of season until May 18th. We have no where to stage the pickups and serve the in house shoppers. We MAY resume on the 18th depending on store volume and our capability to do both.

1. Masks WILL BE mandatory for entering 2. NO children under 12… buying customers are needed to be shopping since our sq ft is limited  3. Children over 12 MUST stay by parents side and will be waiting in lines for checkout once they enter (patience is a virtue) 4. NO PUBLIC bathroom (Plan accordingly) 5. One way in One way out 6. Gloves bring you own or maybe wear your garden gloves to handle pots 6. There is a sink for hand washing in the greenhouse if you feel the need to do so. 7. Checkout will be a single line and as each register opens you will go to the open one. 8. One way isles will be marked and practice the 6′ distancing as much as possible for everyone’s safety.

Overflow parking will be in the GRASS FIELD next to the parking lot toward Shrewsbury.

This Website was started in of April 2020 due to the COVID-19 virus. We wanted to be able to show our local customers some of what we have available. Since it is not tied in with our POS system the quantity on hand of the items may be different or sold out. With the spring rush I will not have the time to delete or take them off in a timely manner. Please bare with us as we move forward listing new products. Prices in store will override any typo errors on the website since it is being made in a rush and payment is at the store. Thank you for your understanding. It is truly a work in progress.

There is no online payment currently but you can place orders. I  can see them & call you. Under NOTES please type which day Wed OR Thur 12 noon or 2:30 you would like to pickup. NOTE: Going forward no Fri, Sat or Sun orders pulled.

Also please try and have order in PREVIOUS DAY for next day pickup. We do not have time to check computer during day for same day pickup as more and more items are needing to be pulled now. Thank you.
Megan (owner)

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Thank You to ALL our Customer for the past 50+ Years of Shopping With Us!!!
Dear Megan, We got married and moved up here in 1976 and have been coming to your store since way back then. We always buy our flowers from you and wanted to say thank you for bringing us so much joy and beauty for all these many years. You spread happines and beauty through the world. This is very important. I just wanted you to know that you are truly appreciated Your Long Time Customer
A Customer Thank You Card
Will be there to support Farmer’s Daughter when you open! The flowers and plants are always healthy and beautiful lasting all season! Katie W. See you when you open. I bought the prettiest pepper plants from you last year. Produced until fall Kathleen W.
Customer Messages
Megan, Farmer's Daughter and you have been a part of our family for 48 years. I cannot wait to see your beautiful smile in person. P.S. your grand kitties say, "Meow!"
Kellie R
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I moved to Stewartstown, PA in1984 and I heard about this interesting place called “Farmer’s Daughter” and the story of how it got started. For 20 years I purchased all my vegetable plant which were hardy and my beautiful flower plants and always greeting by this young lady who was now growing up into a beautiful young and talent woman with her own business at such a young age. Magen, how I miss coming to your store and enjoying the visit and knew the quality of plants I was purchasing was top quality. Sadly, my husband and I moved out of state and headed to the South, where no Northerner really should look to live because they are still, to this day fighting the Civil War and dislike Yankees! There is no such thing as Southern Hospitality or no such type of store of wonderful flowering plants, hardy vegetables and all the things a gardener would need with soil, fertilizer, tools, etc……. You don’t know how I wish I was back to PA, especially, New Freedom and walk through your wonderful dream you created as a little girl.