This beautiful red-skinned shallot offers bigger yields than about every other red shallot out there.

  • Full Sun
  • Very Hardy Plant
  • Adaptable To Any Soil
  • Great Flavour
  • They are so versatile in the kitchen AND Expensive at the Store (Grow your own and Save)
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Plant the onions at a depth of 1 ½ inches, in rows 15 inches apart. They mature in 100-120 days.

They are oblong, burgundy-colored bulbs that open up to an excellent crisp white flesh with a mild yet slightly spicy taste. These can last over 6 months when put away properly.

Red Shallot is delicious raw, cooked and pickled! You can saute them for your favorite dishes. You can also use the immature shoots as spring onions or scallions. They are so versatile in the kitchen!



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