Rocker Owl Self Balance 5′ Wing Span


Stunning Garden Art

Self Balances and Rocks in a Breeze

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35″L x 61″W x 84″H overall

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Impress any visitors to your garden while adding bold movement to it with this Metal Giant Flying Owl Rocker. This massive balancer immediately captures attention, and handily showcases your love of birds of prey. The detailed, all metal topper perfectly evokes a large owl, complete with individual feathers, large, yellow eyes, and a hooked beak. Yellow, black, and ruddy tones add dimension to the brown finish, and the overlapping feather shapes offer striking texture. Attach the two, outstretched wings to the owl for an imposing effect, and place the included, counterweight rods in the integrated sleeves to help the wings move in the wind. This mimics flight, perfect for naturally discouraging smaller birds and other rodents from visiting your yard. Place this impressive figure on the included, steel stand, which sports an open center to accommodate the arched rod and counterweight orb. This perfectly showcases the rocking motion of the bird, lending striking realism and movement to your setting easily. Cross beams within the steel stand provide strength, and a 20″ wide and 10.5″ long, double step-in anchor affixes to each leg. Pointed bases on each leg and the anchors make it easy to place the assembly in your garden soil, ensuring it has plenty of clearance for its amazing motion. The brown tone throughout the stand and rods meshes with the outdoors, and the metal and steel body provides strength and durability. Naturally deter pests while capturing attention within your landscaping by placing this amazing Staked Metal Giant Flying Owl Rocker in it.