• Note: 1st orders in will get the 1st ones breaking dormancy
  • Gallon pot planted (not bare root)
  • Luscious flavor and heavy yields of juicy, sweet, red fruits.
  • Plants produce berries on old canes in early summer and on new canes from August to frost.
  • Vigorous and hardy.
  • Self-pollinating.
  • Grows best in full sun.
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Heritage Raspberry will produce a continuous harvest of big bright juicy red berries. A modest crop will arrive in midsummer, followed by a heavy crop lasting from August till frost. The one year old canes will arrive ready for planting— they are excellent for the home grower. They will thrive in most soil types, and are hardy in very cold climates. Easy to maintain— simply mow the canes after frost and they’ll grow back next year to bear extra-sweet juicy fruit. Resistant or tolerant to most, if not all, major raspberry diseases and self-pollinating. Hardy canes don’t need staking. Enjoy these delicious raspberries fresh from the garden as well as canned or frozen.