Color: White skin and flesh
Season: Early to mid season
Uses: Excellent Boiling and as a fresh baked potato
Description:  Improved cobbler-type potato. Round-oblong shaped potato with medium shallow eyes. Buff lightly flaky russet skin with white flesh. 

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Released in 1961 and having one of the same parents as Kennebec, Caribe, and Onaway, Superior is a widely-grown, popular variety. Early maturing, moderately-high yields, and minimal skinning enables growers to dig and market quickly. Round to oblong tubers with buff, slightly flaky skin and white flesh are suitable for many uses. Good resistance to internal defects and common scab.
Years ago when we first started growing our own food and buying local storage crops, Superior was the potato we ate and stored all winter. Medium plant with pale lilac flowers having white tips and stripes extending to center.


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