Feeder Squirrel Go Round 5 Station

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• Squirrel-Go-Round squirrel feeder with 5-Corn cob capacity
• Corn cobs attach to threaded metal skewers
• Features decorative cast aluminum center hub
• Mounting hardware for tree, post or deck included
• Turning motion diverts squirrels attention from other local feeders

(Sale due to package not perfect… discolored but new)

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Give your neighborhood squirrels a little treat with the Woodlink Squirrel-Go-Round Spinning Corn Cob Squirrel Feeder. By giving your backyard squirrels something to nibble on, this squirrel feeder helps to distract squirrels and keep them away from your bird feeders. You can attach up to 5 corn cobs to this squirrel feeder using the metal skewers. Each skewer is threaded to better grip corn cobs and prevent slipping. This spinning squirrel feeder engages squirrels’ curiosity, keeping them occupied, fed, and away from your bird seed. The squirrel feeder spins with uneven weight distribution, wind, and pressure from little squirrel paws. Place this squirrel feeder anywhere in your yard. This spinning squirrel feeder comes with the hardware needed to mount it on a tree, post, fence, or deck. It looks good too. The Squirrel-Go-Round squirrel corn cob feeder features a durable green finish and a decorative center.