Borer Miner Insect Killer 8 oz

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Systematic and contact control of birch leaf miner borers, bark and wood boring beetles white pine weevil taxis and strawberry root weevil. Use on fruit and shade trees and ornamentals

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Bonide 241 Borer Miner Killer insecticide is a borer-miner killer. The insecticide mixes instantly in water. It has a special formula for difficult to control insects such as birch leaf miner, peach tree borers, bark and wood boring beetles, flat and round headed borers, white pine weevils, taxus and strawberry root weevils. Bonide 241 protects fruits and nuts trees and shrubs roses and flowers and vegetables from borers leaf miner and other listed insects. The insecticide is recommended for use on fruit and shade trees and ornamentals. Bonide 241 has residual effects that make this a top insecticide.

The active ingredient is 2.50% Permethrin Bonide 241 insecticide is sold by the pint