Malathion 8 oz


Pt makes 50 gals

Good for Japanese Beetles, Aphids, Thrips, Spider Mites, Box Elder, Tent Caterpillar, Earwigs, Ants, Spiders, Crickets, Coddling Moths, etc

Use on Fruits, Vegetables, Ornamentals, etc

Great all purpose insect spray.

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  • Use on fruits vegetables and ornamentals
  • One pint makes 50 gallons of spray re-apply every 7 to 10 days for best control of targeted pests
  • Provides excellent control of spider mites japanese beetle aphids lace bugs thrips maggots and many more insects
  • Used to control mosquitoes and other small flying insects
  • Mixes readily with water and can be applied using a hose-end sprayer tank-type sprayer or watering can
  • Made in the usa